Collection: The Daniel Collection

Daniel is the 7 year old of the family and is my biggest glitter helper.  He has sat and bagged glitter for hours and it has been the most enjoyable conversation i have ever had....  the boy loves his colors! 

Recently after an entire day of bagging my choices i asked him if he wanted to pick what we mixed and name it and the Daniel Collection was born.....

His mixtures are precisely measured or weighed..he just fills the bags up and scoops until he thinks it looks the right colors.....most of them will be one run and done. The may return as close cousins but not identical twins.

Ill set it up where you can choose one or you can pick the entire current collection. 

The total sales goes into Daniela savings account so they will not be included in any of the sale promotions.

They are all amazing!!❤❤❤❤

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